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- October 1st, 2010

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Harold Craighead

Harold Craighead

Nanofabricated devices for biological assays


We have used a variety of lithographic and non-lithographic methods to engineer structures of controlled geometry for simple integration of fluidics, optics and electronics in analytical systems.  We have studied the use of nanostructures for manipulating the confirmation and position of DNA molecules and for isolating individual molecules for detection and sorting.  We have recently explored the utilization graphene sheets down to single atom thickness as components in mechanical systems, of potential use for molecular analysis and sensing.  The talk will address the fabrication approaches used for creating these devices.  We have for some time been targeting individual nucleic acid molecules for sequencing and analysis.  We recently have begun activity on single-molecule epigenetic analysis by identification of labeled epigenetic marks on individual chromatin fragments.  In addition to identification and quantification of the presence of individually labeled marks we are attempting to automatically sort and recover fragments for subsequent analysis.  The talk will address the technologies and approaches we are exploring for this and related studies.



Harold Craighead is a Professor of Applied and Engineering Physics and the Charles Lake Professor of Engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca NY, USA.  He was the founding Director of the US Nanobiotechnology Center, co-founder of Pacific Biosciences Inc, and a member of the US National Academy of Engineering.  His research has involved nanofabrication and new device approaches for biotechnology applications and biochemical analysis. His recent research activity includes the study of single molecule methods for epigenetic analysis, aptamer selection and sensing.


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